Enforcer is a generator of error detection monitor for AUTOSAR. It is designed to work with Trampoline

To try Enforcer (works on Linux and Mac OS X), download the following package:

Enforcer package (40Mo)

By expanding the package, you get a Trampoline_package directory.

Go in trunk/documentation/enforcer to read the package documentation in the README file. Enforcer examples are in trunk/examples/posix/enforcer-example1 for Posix target and in trunk/examples/arm_olimex_lpc_e2294/enforcer-example1 for the ARM Olimex board.

Note: OIL compiler and viper binaries are already compiled. However these tools are compiled for Linux 32 bits. If you use a 64 bits distribution, you have to compile them. Go in viper directory and type make. Then go in goilv2/makefile_unix and type make goil.

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